Webinar Alert: Mobile Optimization Trends Among Small to Medium-Sized Businesses — May 21, 2013 10:10 a.m. PT

More than 57 percent of U.S. consumers own a smartphone, according to comScore MobiLens service data released in April 2013. But how many small businesses have websites optimized for potential mobile customers?

Join Asif Kahn, of the Location Based Marketing Association, and David L. Williams, Vice President of Demand Generation at YP for a compelling discussion on the current state of mobile optimization among small and medium-sized businesses.

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YP included in IAB White Paper: “Local Search – Managing Listings Across Digital Platforms”

YP was prominently included in a new Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) white paper titled “Local Search – Managing Listings Across Digital Platform.” This report provides a compelling and deep analysis of how consumers search locally and how marketers can effectively manage their business listings.

As consumers conduct local searches across the internet via search engines, internet yellow pages, mapping services, social media sites and specialized directories (on both desktops and mobile devices), small and medium businesses face the challenge of ensuring their listings appear in local search results. The IAB white paper provides an overview of the business listing management and optimization processes as well as some key challenges and best practices.

The white paper quotes findings from a YP-sponsored report “How Consumers Are Using Local Search.” Here’s a little background: YP and Street Fight teamed up with research firm immr to conduct a national survey examining how individuals search, where they search, and what they search for. The IAB white paper highlights findings from the immr/YP paper, such as:

  • Four in 10 consumers use local search once per day
  • Two-thirds of consumer use local search at least three to four times per week
  • 83% of smartphone owners do a local search on their smartphone at least once a week

YP is also included in a section entitled “Taking Control over Your Listing,” which explores actions marketers can take to create a cohesive presence across local search sites and apps.

Download the IAB white paper here.

MMA Forum New York 2013 (May 8-10)

We’re happy to announce that YP will be one of the sponsors at next week’s MMA Forum New York: Mobile’s Role in Closing the Loop Along the Path to Purchase.

The MMA forum New York promises to take a deep dive on where to make the most effective mobile investments. Get insights on branding, conversion, transactions and how mobile is becoming an integral part of the path to purchase.

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YP Hackathon IX


Over 60 YP engineers gathered on Thursday to kick off YP Hackathon IX at our Glendale, California office.

From 10 a.m to 10 p.m. our talented engineers and project managers worked in teams or solo to create ingenious hacks. Though constrained by a short time period, participants were energetic and got their creativity into motion – maybe with the help of a steady flow of pizzas, snacks, candy, and caffeinated beverages. That’s 12 hours of innovative camaraderie and a healthy dash of competitiveness.

“Each time I think I’m too busy to do Hackathon, the energy and excitement lures me back in and I have to participate,” says YP engineer Rico Rodriquez Collins and Hackathon participant.

On Friday morning, the Hackathon teams presented their demos to peers who voted for their favorite project. Congrats goes to team “Gridzilla” (comprised of engineers Avind Muralidharan, Justin Brinker and Raphael Castaneda) for their hack entitled “Mobile Mobile Consumers”!

We also want to give a round of applause to the 2nd and 3rd place winners and to everybody who participated in Hackathon IX!

“It’s all about the sharing of ideas and technology,” added YP engineer Rico. “For every Hackathon you participate in, I guarantee you will learn something.”


Interested in being a part of the innovation at YP? Check out our Careers page for open positions.

Learn more about our engineers by following the YP Engineering Blog.

Q&A with YP Team: Gregg Rosenzweig


Name:  Gregg Rosenzweig
Title:  Editor (Glendale, CA)
Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA

What are your main duties here at YP?
As a member of the YP Editorial team, I write, edit and produce local and national features for This content lives on both our homepage as well as on the news site. These stories are designed to inform, entertain and engage our consumer and business audience, while driving traffic into our site and to our advertisers.

My stories run the gamut from being prescriptive in nature (“Getting Ahead of Spring Allergy Season 2013”) to interviews with best-selling authors and respected experts in areas informed by our top YP search terms. “My Five Favorite Restaurants in the U.S.”, spotlighting interviews with 15 of the top chefs in our country, is a fun example of an ongoing series that showcases these objectives in action.

How long have you worked at YP?
It’ll be two years this April 2013. In dog years, that’s 14. So in that sense, it’s been a nice run.

What inspires your work at YP?
I love that our editorial content assigns meaning to what’s on our site by fostering emotional connections with people who use By creating content that has usefulness, cache and viral appeal, we create memorable experiences that keep the YP brand fresh in people’s minds. This ups the chances that consumers will visit directly next time.

What kind of person succeeds in your role at YP?
Somebody who loves to create content. Someone who loves to write and has a razor-sharp eye for grammar and editing. Somebody who’s motivated, resourceful and ultimately understands what makes content sticky, clicky and attractive across social channels and the deepest, darkest corners of the web. Having a journalism background also helps since we do a lot of interviews and attend high-profile trade events such as the LA Auto Show, LA Travel & Adventure Show and the International Builders’ Show to generate story ideas and to stay atop industry trends.

What do you do when you’re not working at YP?
Right now, I’m knee deep in being a husband and father. I play on two men’s softball teams (one of which won a championship last month) and coach my 5-year-old son’s T-ball team, which incidentally has won exactly no championships. Slackers. (They actually don’t keep score.) Other than that, I ski, listen to standup comedy and occasionally binge-watch TV shows.